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Les feuilles tropicales 4
Les feuilles tropicales 4

Article 1: object

These conditions govern the sale of overnight stays at Maison Eliste, short-term furnished accommodation and its additional products available at an additional cost. By booking, you signify your agreement for the proper application of this one.​

Article 2 Prices and services

2.1: Tariffs

The rental rates are indicated on the "Rates and availability" page of the site of They include all taxes. They can be modified at any time and special rates are applied for eves and holidays or celebrations. The rates taken into account will be those in force at the time of the booking confirmation. Are included in the rental price: Tea and coffee, the provision of bathrobes, bath sheets, hygiene products, tea towels, a grocery fund, bed linen, unlimited WIFI internet connection, the various channels television related to the internet package, water, electricity and use of the spa. In case of rental longer than 7 days, linen and bathrobes can be changed on request each week.​

2.2: Services

The list and prices of the options offered are detailed on the site. For any special requests contact us directly. Options not ordered and not paid for at the time of booking will be bookable thereafter according to their availability.

​Article 3: Reservation

The reservation is made by internet, email or private message, on the site or other platforms, the day before the day planned for your stay until 4 p.m. The reservation becomes effective only after full payment of the stay and the security deposit. . ​


Article 4: Payment and security deposit

4.1: Payment

Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. No deposit is accepted.

4.2: Security deposit

For online payments a deposit of €1000 not debited is requested via a partner platform, for long stays and booked well in advance a check deposit can be accepted. This will not be cashed and will be destroyed at the end of the stay within one week. Any default will be considered as a pure and simple cancellation, the lessor will therefore keep the full payment for the stay, as compensation, in accordance with article 7 of these regulations. In the event of damage, the expenses for repairing the accommodation as well as the expenses for replacing furniture or equipment will be deducted from this security deposit. Quotes and invoices will be produced as proof. If the amount of said invoices is less than the amount of the security deposit, the tenant will be offered to pay them independently of the deposit, which will therefore not be cashed. Otherwise, the lessor will return the balance after deduction of the sums due. In all cases, the tenant agrees to pay all costs related to the repair of the house and the replacement of furniture and equipment, including if the amount of these costs exceeds the amount of the security deposit.

​4.3. Cancelation

Any physical no-show on the day of the reservation or cancellation less than a month before does not give any right to reimbursement of the reservation concerned. Any cancellation more than one month before entitles you to a 50% refund. Any modification will be accepted maximum 15 days before your arrival date depending on availability.​

Article 5: Arrivals and departures

5.1: Check-in

Arrival is from 5 p.m. The entry codes in the house as well as the access methods will be communicated to the tenant, at the latest the day before the stay by SMS to the telephone number indicated in the reservation. Upon arrival of the tenant, in the event of a problem or damage observed, the latter has a period of 2 hours to contact the lessor by telephone or email. After this period, its acceptance of these inventory and inventory will be acquired.

5.2: Check out

The tenant must have vacated the house by 11 a.m. at the latest, except in the case of a late departure option. The lessor does not charge for end-of-stay cleaning (except proven abuse, in which case a flat rate of €50 may be required) but the tenant undertakes to return the house in a suitable state and in particular to put waste in the garbage bags provided for this purpose.

Inventory and inventory: At the end of the stay, the lessor has 48 hours to report any damage observed. After this period, its acceptance of the inventory and inventory will be recorded. Deposit check and card imprint will be destroyed/cancelled.​

Article 6: Use of premises

The house and its facilities are reserved to ensure the well-being and rest of a single couple. Guests are not allowed.​ We ask you to enjoy the house with respect, not to jump or eat in the jacuzzi, not to add products, perfumes, dyes etc Please take a shower before using it.

Certain people suffering from particular health conditions (heart problems, diabetes, hypertension or hypotension) but also pregnant women, should not use the spa without first taking medical advice. If anyone has any doubt about their state of health, it is imperative to seek the advice of their doctor before using the spa.​ People with open wounds should not use the spa spa before they are fully healed.

• take off your nicotine patch

• avoid shaving the same day (risk of skin irritation)

• remember to hydrate well before​​

In the event of a technical problem or force majeure on our part, we are likely to cancel your reservation and will offer you to agree on a new date of stay or to make a refund.

​​L'intérieur de la maison est non fumeur, un extérieur est à votre disposition pour fumer.​_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149 -20813d6c673b_ The bath towels, towels and all the equipment made available to you are loaned but do not become your property. They will be billed to you via your deposit in the event of theft.

Even if we like them very much, you will understand that for hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed.

For ecological, economic and security purposes, please turn off the equipment when you leave the premises.

We decline all responsibility in the event of accident, loss or theft on the premises and in the external parts.

If you have any questions, also discover our FAQ, or contact us via the form.


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